After 20 years in the beauty industry I finally realised my dream in 2016.  It is funny how things happen sometimes.  By chance, I met some incredibly talented people who shared the same principles and passion for skincare as me.  I suddenly felt the jigsaw pieces of my dream slotting seamlessly into place.

You see my dream was to produce a skincare range based on four pillars which are results/ethical and sustainable/formulation and inclusivity.   Using my foundation blocks I then had to add the needs and wants of my clients.  It had to be a skincare range that met the expectations of my clients, it needed to address skin issues and be a quality,  premium product.

Welcome to Vida For You, a vegan neuro-cosmetic skincare brand blended with smart technology, but, without compromising the four pillars at its foundation. Using the highest quality, locally sourced active ingredients we work in an ethical, environmentally aware, inclusive and sustainable way.

Thank you letting me share my dream with you……I hope you enjoy using the products as much as we loved making them – the results should talk for themselves…..E. Emilio