What our customers say about our vegan skincare range – testimonials
  • With sensitivity and a face full of freckles! I choose my facial regime with care. Vida products are pure, nourishing and super enriched. With a unique silky touch my skin is healthy looking, replenished, youthfully enhanced and hydrated. Viva Vida!…… Thankyou LG Maidstone


  • I must thank you for the opportunity of trying your Vida for You range, my skin has never felt so soft and silky.  I have clearly previously underestimated the value of quality products as the difference in my skin has been commented upon by friends, who have been telling me how well I look.  Fantastic!  I have been using the eye and lip cream (Reenhance) and the anti wrinkle cream (Revive) mixed with a few drops of serum (Replenish gold elixir).  The creams have a very light texture and have a lovely gentle fragrance.  I have always been wary of trying new products as I have very sensitive skin, however I have had no problems using these. BH Northallerton Yorkshire


  • “As a more mature lady I have seen a real transformation in my skin. Blending the vegan diamond elixir and anti-wrinkle cream together has resulted in visibly hydrated skin. My favourite item is the eye contour cream. These three items are now my go to products. You only need a small amount of each – as a little goes a long way!”.  SE – Dorking


  • “Having used a variety of skincare over the years, I have never seen myself or experienced the transformation in my skin which even friends & my mothers commented on. You know somethings working if your mother remarks! Hydrated, visibly smoother & healthier I feel like I’m feeding my skin, & more than that with a product which is packed with goodness Absolutely love it & have been recommending to all my friends vegan or otherwise. You simply have to try it”.  SPE – Surrey


  • Vida for You is a stunning vegan skincare product. From the first application my skin felt soft to touch and I felt it looked really invorigated when I looked in the mirror. In addition over time I am convinced that my fine lines were substantially reduced. Vida for You has a subtle fragrance that smells fresh and very natural. The texture is light and it is a pure joy to rub into your skin. After a few days of application I felt like a Priviliged, Pampered Princess. It is a fabulous product – thank- you for the opportunity to try it. NM Betchworth Surrey


  • Vida For You is a beautifully refined set of vegan beauty products which address the vegan challenge perfectly. The luxurious textures feel beautiful against the skin and leave one feeling as though you’ve had a huge treat. The creams/products sink into the skin and leave it feeling silky and soft. A much better outcome compared to any other cream I’ve ever used. Absolutely beautiful!. DC Conwy Wales


  • These vegan skin care products are beautiful. They feel luxurious on my skin and have a noticeable effect on the appearance and texture and ‘feel’ of my skin. From first use I could see and feel a difference and after a week my skin feels firmer and looks lovely. Friends have commented how well I look. I never wear makeup, and as a youthful lady in my early fifties, it is very important to me how my skin looks and feels. I have been using Reenhance, Revive and the fabulous Replenish Gold Elixir, and love using them all. The fact that they are vegan too is the ‘icing on the cake’. SW, Hornsea


  • I have used several leading skincare products for men over the years and I have always found something that I have to be careful with, for example the creams may be good but if I get it near my eyes they end up sore, or if its good for the eye areas of my skin regarding allergies the actual creams are greasy or clammy. Vida For You skincare is for me a breakthrough. I have no allergy response if too close to my eyes, the creams absorbs so that my skin does not feel as if it has a film on top of it. But the most incredible thing is not only how it makes my skin feel healthier and look healthier – several recurring calcium spots around my eyes vanished after a couple of weeks using the creams and elixirs. Thank you. An ethical range of skincare creams that actually work. RT, Guildford