The Vida For You story starts with a belief that your diet can greatly affect how you feel on the inside and on the outside.  And our skincare range is no different with 100% natural ingredients.

After 20 years in the cosmetic industry we found it hard to believe that the skin care products on the market for those that enjoy a Vegan lifestyle were as limited as they were. So began our journey. We wanted to understand why producing a luxury vegan product was so very difficult and soon we found out why. The Provenance of each and every ingredient has to be understood, and what’s more just because it is vegan does not mean the ingredient is any good for your skin – soil is vegan but you would not want that as a key ingredient in a skin care range. So the difficulty lay in finding vegan ingredients that also had active traits for healthy skin.

We used all of our industry experience and that of a passionate technician to produce a range of luxury vegan products that make a real difference. Products that feel beautiful on the skin and can be combined within the range to create totally unique skincare experiences. Our inspiration for this range of products came from a love of the Mediterranean diet that in itself is healthy for the body inside and out.

We believe that whether you are vegan or not – you will enjoy the Vida For You skincare range and that our simple principle of delivering the best ethical skincare to the market.

Vida For You. Its all about you.