Vida for you - it's all about you

There was no high-end skincare available that I recall, but my grandmother always looked glamorous and had beautiful glowing skin even though she was exposed to the environment every day. Sugar, olive oil, icy water were the basics and what I perceived as her intricate skin routine would always stay with me.
Born in Africa, I lived in Lourenco Marques, now called Maputo the capital of Mozambique. I was brought up on a huge farm surrounded by all the animals and as much fresh produce as we could ever want.

21st April 1974 Civil War started. Life for me changed forever! Everything that was amazing, that any child or family wishes for ended abruptly. I remember one morning lying in bed and the house was machine-gunned by someone in a passing car. For my safety, it was decided I had to leave the country as soon as possible. That same evening I was on a refugee train heading to South Africa and soon after I left for Portugal. I ended up going to live with my uncle, my mother’s brother. He was great, a fantastic chef and fun. What I loved the most was the loving family environment.

Traditionally Sundays were visits to my uncle’s parents, my grandparents. They lived in a rural part of Portugal, a five-hour drive away. He loved to visit, obviously to see his parents but also to pick up and buy fresh produce, from vegetables, olive oil to wine. I loved it, it was like going back in time. They owned olive trees and a small vineyard. All the produce was handpicked and carried out by cattle carts and baskets which people carried on their heads. It was a magical time, the village came alive, and families came together to help with the harvesting each year.
It was my grandmother though who left her mark. There were no stores or shopping centers selling skincare products apart from basics and I always marveled at her lovely skin.

I always believed her secret was her diet and her simple but important skincare regime. Let me share what I can remember. She would exfoliate her skin with a mixture of sugar and olive oil, and then apply mashed avocado all over her face, she looked funny! Leaving it for about 15 to 20 minutes, the next stage of her routine was to put her face in the bowl of icy water.
Now living in the UK and decades later I have never forgotten my roots and all the memories weaved into what I would create, a Luxury Vegan Skincare Brand that’s affordable for everyone. I wanted to base it on the Mediterranean Diet, with the elements of my grandma’s Skin Diet routine running through it.

I hope you enjoy the products as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.