How we came to create Vida For You

Founded by a small team of beauty experts, Vida For You is a vegan skin care company specialising in Mediterranean-inspired cruelty-free products that are ethically sourced and do the body good.

Our Aim

After 20+ years in the beauty industry we found it hard to believe that skin care products supporting a vegan lifestyle were as limited as they were and that is where our journey started. We started Vida For You with the aim to create a range of organic vegan beauty products that really worked.

Our Focus

Drawing on our experience within the beauty industry and with the help of a passionate technician we looked at the Mediterranean diet for inspiration, focussing on creating formulas derived from its ingredients to create a range of high-end vegan-friendly beauty products that really work.

Ingredients and Sustainability

As a company we are mindful of our responsibility regarding economic, environmental and social sustainability. By focusing on the by-products from food production and the origin of the basic ingredients, we have discovered a new source of super-charged, green, raw materials, ideal for using in our range of natural skin products.

The Result

We believe the Vida For You Mediterranean inspired skin care range brings something different to the market by combining sustainable and cruelty-free active ingredients into vegan approved products. Our creams and serums can be used on their own or blended together, and they are all free from parabens, gluten and nasty chemicals, and are not tested on animals. Not only that, but all of our packaging is recyclable and does not contain any plastics.

Whether you’re looking for a cruelty-free face cleanser, a vegan moisturiser or simply want a natural skin care range that does what it says on the packaging, you’ll love Vida For You.

The Team

Here you would normally expect to see images of us all but we are a bit camera shy. However, we would like to introduce you to our Cruelty Free Executive, Monkey

Distribution Opportunities

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