Creating the perfect Luxury Vegan Skincare

Who are we

We are an independent UK luxury skincare company with over 20 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry.

Our aim

We found it hard to believe that the skincare products supporting a Vegan lifestyle were as limited as they were. Our journey started from that point – the aim, ‘to create a luxury skincare range’. Some of the challenges we found were:

The provenance of each and every ingredient is key to the Vegan ethos. – Some vegan ingredients aren’t necessarily good for your skin. – Our challenge was to find the right Vegan ingredients to produce the results we desired:

Our Focus

We turned our focus to the healthy lifestyle of the Mediterranean countries for clues. Drawing on our experience within the Beauty Industry and with the help of a creatively passionate technician we worked on many formulas until we came up with, what we believe is, a range of luxury Vegan products that really work.

Ingredients and Sustainability

The management of food waste has become a growing issue with a third of food produced lost or wasted in the production process. As a Company, we are mindful of our responsibility regarding economic, environmental and social sustainability. By focusing on the by-products from food production and the origin of the basic ingredients, we have discovered a new source of super-charged, green, raw materials.

The Result

We believe the Vida For You range brings something different and niche to the market by combining luxury with sustainable and cruelty-free, super-charged active ingredients. Our creams and serums can be used on their own or blended together to deliver a unique experience. All our products are free from parabans, gluten, nasty chemicals and not tested on animals. Our packaging is all recyclable and does not contain plastics.

We believe you will love the Vida For You range – how do we know? – because we all just love it and use it ourselves!

The Team

Here you would normally expect to see images of us all but we are a bit camera shy. However, we would like to introduce you to our Cruelty Free Executive, Monkey