The latest about cruelty free countries


Australia and Canada have become the latest countries to ban animal testing for cosmetics after their respective governments passed a bill that will prohibit the practice. The countries will no longer accept results derived from animal experiments as evidence of a cosmetic product’s safety or efficacy. Non-animal testing methods could help support trade with international markets, such as the EU, where cosmetic products tested on animals cannot be sold. Today 39 countries worldwide have banned the act of testing on animals for cosmetics. These include India, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and countries in the EU.



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After a cold and dark winter, we crave more light, fresh air and start to wear lighter clothes. So why not do the same with our skin. Let’s use a light enzyme peel to refresh and wake our skin up once a week and remember, the thicker the epidermal layer, the older you will look. It is also the right time to use Vitamin C, an amazing active ingredient to detoxify your skin and reduce the effects of harmful winter pollution. Don’t forget to have your 30 minutes of ‘me time’ to apply a mask rich in Hyaluronic acid or Collagen to boost hydration and reduce fine lines.


The real meaning of ‘Green Skincare’

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Green skincare, or green chemistry, is a philosophy of chemical research and sustainable engineering that encourages manufacturing companies to reduce the impact of their production processes on the environment by preventing pollution at its source and using fewer natural resources. As human beings, we have a responsibility to respect and protect the world we live in. This includes choosing skincare. If you would like to know more about green chemistry, take a look at the ‘Green Chemistry’ journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Does your beauty routine make you happy?

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Do you know that when you apply your favourite cream or serum with your hands you promote positive emotions? Studies carried out by the Kao Corporation showed that tactile stimulation i.e. touching the facial skin with the palm of the hands, was found to cause an increase in blood flow to the brain’s prefrontal area, known to play a part in the ‘reward system’ and evoking positive emotions. So, taking care of our skin every day through simple and easy habits could increase our level of happiness and reduce stress levels. Apply your favourite cream and BE HAPPY!!!