Ethical Vegan skincare

Veganism has never been more on-brand. Over recent years, we’ve seen an undeniable shift towards ethical standards of life, and our beauty routines are no different. Whether taking a stand against the barbarity of companies who test on animals, or simply declining to use products that come from them, more and more people are turning to vegan products as a regular part of their beauty routine. This is why, at Vida For You, we couldn’t believe that skin care products on the market for vegan lifestyles were so limited. Thus began our journey…As a society, we are far more away of ethical, environmental, and health concerns than ever. Even those who choose not to live a fully vegan lifestyle may turn to vegan products, purely to help protect the planet and the creatures living in it. After 20 years in the cosmetic industry, Vida For You is sensitive to economic, environmental, and social sustainability, but were perplexed to find options for vegan skin care were so few and far between, especially given the ever-increasing demand. You know what they say: if you want something done right, you have to do it yourselves! Focussing on reducing waste, the origins of the ingredients, and environmentally-friendly production methods, Vida For You discovered a new source of green raw materials that allowed us to bring something totally new to the vegan skin care market. Our brand is luxury, and we are proud to offer something totally different, combining opulence, sustainability, and cruelty-free for an unforgettable skin experience.
The production of luxury vegan skincare products is no small task- as we soon discovered in the early stages of our journey! Every ingredient in our range had to be understood in meticulous depth in order to discern the unique benefit it would provide the skin. At Vida For You, we wanted to make sure we were using simple, yet effective ingredients that made a significant impact on the health of your skin, rather than packaging a vegan product with no overall benefits – just because it is vegan doesn’t always mean it has active traits for healthy skin. Using our decades of industry experience, and a passionate and knowledgeable team, we created our range from scratch, resulting in products that feel beautiful on the skin and make a real difference. The Vida For You range does not just compete with other vegan skin care products, but also in the world of luxury cosmetics, outperforming even the most costly designer brand, and allowing vegans and non-vegans alike to treat themselves to something completely different!