The Brand

Vida means life!

With Vida For You we want your life to be an amazing one filled with positive energy.

At the start of each new day we find ourselves changing as we look in the mirror.  Each day is a journey to find our new identity and the right cosmetics can help us feel more attractive, confident and energised to take on the challenging, changing, world outside.

To help you on that journey we have produced a new range of vegan Neuro-cosmetics. Our range of 8 creams and 2 elixirs guides you through that daily dilemma using ingredients that fulfil your senses on each level.

If you haven’t heard of Neuro-cosmetics don’t worry – you are not the only person.   Briefly, they are topical ingredients that work on our nervous system and fulfil our senses through the look, feel and fragrance of the creams and elixirs.  There is a belief that our emotions are linked to skin reactions. Vida for You is taking skincare to another level by talking to your neurotransmitters with each application.  Our aim is to help your skin and sense of wellbeing by balancing your mind and body with our Neuro-cosmetics.

Taking the bottles and jars out of their packages you will see they are a glowing, warm shade of amber.  Amber is known to balance emotions and dissolve negative energy.  The gold lids provide  another warm layer to add to the exotic look.

Opening the jar, the light scent of white magnolia spirals up and evokes memories of summer evenings with nature’s perfume hanging in the warm air.

Our subtle fragrances are produced in France, which, in our mind was the only place to source the right individual perfumes for our range.  Our fragrances have been personally picked to bring back many happy memories.

Opening the bottle, use the pipette to release the warm, rich, golden trickle of serum, reminding us of lazy, sunny, summer days spent laying in the sun.

Mix a cream of your choice with some drops of elixir and feel the cream relax into a milky emulsion that just glides onto your skin. Your skin will just drink the emulsion up as eagerly as parched earth receives the rain.  Your skin will thank you for feeding it with the unique blend of ingredients found in our cosmetic range.

We can cater for both mature and young skin.  Our creams can help with different skin issues from dry, oily, acne prone and inflamed to normal skin.  We also have a cream to specifically lighten and brighten dull skin.

Last, but not least, Vida For You is vegan and cruelty free for animal lovers.   It is also green and ethical for everyone who is leading an environmentally friendly life.

Our packaging is recyclable and we are considering the planet with our ranges as our ingredients are all locally sourced close to the place of manufacture.

Now it is time to ‘let the cat out of the bag’ with some special news…….we are expanding the range to include a cleanser, body scrub, peel off mask and a gorgeous, rich, night mask.  We are very excited about letting you in on the secret – but shhhhh don’t tell everyone!!

So – watch out for an update on when we will be revealing the new products.   These additions will mean we have a complete skincare range.  This is something you have been asking us to do…so at least you know we are listening to you!   Keep your feedback coming……we can only grow as a company with your input.

Thank you for reading our blog, you are all amazing, unique individuals so……

‘be you, and be beautiful’