Vida For You – Beyond Vegan Skincare | Luxury Skincare

Vida For You – Beyond Vegan Skincare | Luxury Skincare

When we were creating Vida For You, our experts knew that we wanted to create a premium vegan skincare line that not only offers a plethora of real, effective benefits for your skin, but also makes you feel just as good as you look. We love the feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and look at your reflection in the mirror with confidence, which is why we want you to be able to feel this way by creating these moments more often.

There’s no need to hide behind your makeup when you have the luxury of a strengthened skincare routine, while our products also act as a fantastic base for those of us that simply love getting dolled up! As I’m sure you know, Vida For You recently had the absolute pleasure of working with the legendary House of iKons at London Fashion Week, where makeup artists couldn’t get enough of the Vida For You vegan skincare range.

The Vida For You Promise

It’s about empowerment and confidence, feelings that aren’t out of your reach. Our luxury creams and elixirs offer a well-deserved sense of fulfilment for each and every skin type. Vida For You is for everyone, as is beauty and healthy skin, which is why we have chosen 7 key words to express how our brand makes you look and feel. These lucky 7 are Loved, Rebellious, Beautiful, Liberated, Energised, Independent and Confident. Our products can do more for you than simply offer a quick beauty fix. By integrating our carefully formulated products into your daily skincare regimen, you can feel the long-term effects of radiant, healthy skin both on the inside and the outside.

Our Core Values

Being LOVED begins with unearthing a love for yourself. Be REBELLIOUS by creating your own skincare pathway that allows you to look and feel BEAUTIFUL, with highly effective, luxury products. After introducing Vida For You to your daily routine, you’ll feel wildly LIBERATED and ENERGISED in the freedom of versatile, reliable skincare. You’ll have no need to rely on the approval of others when you take control of your skin – you are INDEPENDENT and CONFIDENT. Vida For You is a lifestyle and a way of living. Contact us for more info.

Vida For You – it’s all about you!

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