Vida For You – Mini Collection Now Available

Vida For You – Mini Collection Now Available

You asked us for smaller vegan skincare samples and we listened! Presenting the new Vida For You Mini Collection, formed of the same luxury creams and serums – just scaled down versions! We carefully selected these products to complement each other and to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, making a real and visible difference. Their ingredients deliver outstanding results whilst maintaining the ethical and natural integrity of the Vida For You range of luxury cosmetics.
We have chosen three key products for the first Vida For You Mini Collection:



Our leading anti-wrinkle cream expertly crafted to help increase volume and improve the skin’s tone and texture. Don’t forget to blend a small amount of Revive with a few drops of Replenish to relax the cream into a silky emulsion that literally melts into the skin. Enhanced with natural saffron this cream helps to stimulate the formation of natural fibroblasts, increasing the production of collagen and improving the structure of your skin.


On its own, this serum helps to bring vitality and a youthful glow back to your skin. When blended with Revive, the combination delivers anti-aging, lifting and regenerating effects which leave your skin totally nourished. This serum has the added benefit of containing white lily extracts resulting in a silky, soothing elixir.


This cream nourishes, hydrates and protects the sensitive eye and lip areas as well as working magic on those dark circles. Eyes appear brighter and lighter and fine lines and crow’s feet are reduced. It also works on those fine lines around the lip area too.

The Vida For You Mini Collection is available for just £27 inclusive of VAT. Use it yourself, or purchase more to share with friends and family and start to see the benefits that the Vida For You range can bring to skin. Click here to purchase your miniature package of vegan skincare samples now or contact us here for more info.